(Players born in 2010, 2011, and 2012)

U10 (Under 10) allows players to build on the skills they learned in U7 and build their mental game to grow as a player. During the season we will have one game and at least one practice a week. This will allow for coaches and players to learn from the games and build competitive teams. We want all teams to be able to grow and compete. 

Team Selections: Your player can return to the team they played on the past season. We will have a clinic before the season starts, please make sure your child is at this clinic. 

Your child will receive a uniform which includes a jersey, shorts, and socks, as well as plaque or trophy at the end of season. 

Your child must be born in the year 2010, 2011 & 2012 to participate at this level. The fee is $60 for this division.


Skills to Build in U10


Creating goal scoring opportunities

Changing the point of Attack and passing as a team

Pressure, Cover, Balance (defending as a team)

Outnumber the opponent

Plus All Players Actions from u7


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